Consuming OpenCV through Hadoop Storm DRPC Server from .NET

In previous article I gave a basic overview of Hadoop Storm framework and showed how to use it in order to perform some simple operations like word counting and persistence of the information in real time. But Storm service can cover much wider scope of tasks. The scalable and dynamic nature of this product allows to wrap most complicated algorithms and distribute their handling among different machines of the Hadoop cluster. Computer vision is a good candidate for such type of functionality. This term covers a large range of tasks related to the processing of graphical data and performing such operations upon it like objects detection, motion tracking or face recognition. As you can imaging these procedures can be quite expensive and wrapping them within some scalable parallel processing model could significantly increase the end capacity of the potential solutions. You can find a good example of such application called Amazon Recognition in the list of official Amazon services. In this article I want to show you how to build similar products using Hadoop Storm framework and open-source Computer Vision libraries.

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